Announcing the Third Annual Three Rivers Information Security Symposium The Three Rivers Information Security Symposium (TRISS) is focused on increasing awareness, collaboration and knowledge in the Greater Pittsburgh information security community. This year is about growth — larger venue, more presentations and greater attendance. We received 33 submissions to the Call for Presentations. We added a presentation room — three in total. Allowing us to nearly double presentations to 14, six more than 2017. The Monroeville Convention Center – next door to last year’s venue – can accommodate 600 attendees. Registration is still open. Click on the link above in the menu bar. Date: October 19, 2018, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Location: Monroeville Convention Center – South Hall (entrance & parking)

– Presentations – 
Alex Hamerstone Where is Our Industry Headed, and Why do We Matter? (Subtitle: Hackers in Hoodies, InfoSec in Suits)
Amanda Berlin Mental Health in Infosec: Hackers, Hugs, & Drugs
Christine Stevenson Left of Boom
Cori Faklaris Social Cybersecurity: Ideas for Nudging Secure Behaviors Through Social Influences
Damian Sopher Building an Effective Vulnerability Management Program
Dave Odom Reaching for Cloud 9: Key Enablers for Secure Cloud Computing
David Kane & Marc Hockenberry Insider threat exploits from the viewpoint of a hacker.
Jack Jones Managing Cyber Risk Surprises
Jared Ettinger Cyber Intelligence Today: Best Practices and Biggest Challenges
Jerod Brennen Hacking Identity: A Pen Tester’s Guide to IAM
Kristopher Daugherty, Dan Denne, & Mike Dolan Implementing NextGen AV at Scale in Enterprise Healthcare
Mike Gualtieri Stealing Data With CSS: Attack and Defense
Sean Sweeney Securing Your Cloud Estate
Tom Podnar Perspectives on Establishing “Cyber Confidence”
– Demonstrations & Breakout Sessions – 

CISO Panel Women in Technology

– Career Village – 

Job Searching and Hiring is Broken

What is going on with searching and hiring in cybersecurity and how can you have a more successful experience?

Creating Job Descriptions That Work!

How to create your job description so that it attracts the right talent and tips for best hiring practices.

Rock Your Job Search

Building a resume and LinkedIn profile that can help you land the job you want and tips for interviewing.

Hack Your EQ, Grow Your Career

What is EQ and why does it matter to your career development? Come hear about the workforce skills that correlate to your career success.

Headshot Studio

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