When Refrigerators Attack – IoT Security

Abstract: IoT security is in the press almost daily. This talk presents 3 abstracts with live examples of weaponizing, defending and securing IoT devices. Relive my encounters of: “When Refrigerators Attack” or “How I beat back the Deadly Dishwasher”. And of course, the all time favorite, “Killer Webcams from Outer Space!” Seriously, why do we treat IoT any differently than a rogue Windows XP host or an unknown new virus on a laptop brought in by an employee? And before you ask, yes, some dishwashers were harmed in the researching of this talk.

Bio: Kat Fitzgerald likes to hack things and explore the results. Kat’s background goes back 30+ years, mostly under the radar, but let’s just say Kat is “Purple”. Kat took their parents stereo apart at the age of 7 to find out where the music came from. Kat is based in Pittsburgh (formerly Chicago) and a natural creature of winter, you can typically find Kat sipping Casa Noble Anejo whilst simultaneously defending their systems using OSS and Dancing Flamingos against a barrage of attackers. And Kat has honeypots all over the world!