SESTA-FOSTA vs. Sex Tech

Abstract: SESTA-FOSTA is short for Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act and Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. This bipartisan and near unanimously approved law sounds self explanatory in nature and something that no one would be opposed to. However, taking a look under the hood you’ll see how this law has little to do with curtailing online sex trafficking and everything to do with the demise of the digital safety and privacy of society’s most vulnerable. During this talk you will learn the implications of SESTA-FOSTA, how it is stifling the progress of a safe and secure internet, and how it actually performs the opposite of its very long name by contributing to the increase of sex trafficking, deepfakes, deepnudes, revenge porn and more.

Bio: Alison is the founder of Women In Tech Pittsburgh and Sex Tech Space, as well as the Managing Director of Women of Sex Tech. She is a previous software engineer with experience in startup and corporate environments. Alison is currently a cybersecurity master’s candidate at the George Washington University and a recipient of the (ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education award. She has also been awarded the RedChair Pgh scholarship for leadership as a mid-career woman in IT and recognized as one of fourteen individuals shaping Pittsburgh’s tech scene by The Incline’s Who’s Next in Technology 2019. She has been featured in WIRED, WomenInTech, Female Tech Leaders, Women of Silicon Valley, Sex Tech Guide, PGH City Paper, and has spoken at DEFCON CyberSexurity panel, Javascript and Friends conference, Google, and more.