“Paying it Forward” with Threat Intelligence

Abstract: This talk will focus on best practices for creating a threat intelligence program at an organization, the importance of intelligence sharing relationships, as well as strategies for building and maintaining those relationships. The presentation will describe five elements that make up a successful threat intelligence program and strategies for implementing them. A discussion of the benefits of intelligence sharing with likeminded organizations will follow. The talk will also include tips on how to seek out these intelligence sharing relationships and examples of organizations that actively participate in this activity in the Pittsburgh area. The presentation will also discuss how to maintain these relationships and ensure that they remain strong.

Bio: Katie Schwalen is an information security analyst at HM Health Solutions, part of Highmark Health in Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently on the Threat Management team in the security operations center. She is primarily responsible for threat intelligence collection and analysis, event monitoring activities, and leading continuous improvement initiatives for daily processes. She recently designed and implemented a threat intelligence program at her organization that disseminates threat briefs to relevant teams on a bi-monthly basis, as well as revamping a monthly threat report briefing that educates the organization about recent resolves incidents and relevant threats to healthcare.