Development Tools for Non-Developers: Kicking the Tires of DevSecOps

Abstract: Information security organizations face new opportunities and challenges as we enter the software defined era. Automation tools enable accelerated service deployment and incident response, while open APIs promise a holistic approach to information security through integrated solutions as opposed to a collection of point products. Unfortunately, many products that offer automation and integration features require a significant development background to implement, and vendors provide little guidance for engineers to overcome this barrier, beyond offering expensive professional services.

This session will introduce a handful of development tools, with emphasis on availability, applicability, and ease of use. We will demonstrate how to use these tools to make calls against vendor APIs in a virtual environment and discuss resources for further exploration.

Bio: Josh has been navigating the ever evolving software-defined “world” from automating repetitive tasks in the early 2000s to his current role as solutions4networks’ Cloud Security Practice Lead. An engineer at heart, a coder by necessity, he hopes to help his fellow engineers avoid some of the pitfalls and detours along the path toward automated, integrated security solutions.