Communicating Technology Risk to Non-Tech People: Helping Organizations Understand Bad Outcomes

Abstract: Communicating risk to nontechnical people is difficult. As security professionals, we can recite the threats and vulnerabilities that are impacting our organizations and we often call those risks. This can influence executives sometimes, but often fails to resonate and connect with the decision makers in the way we want . This session will discuss how to translate threats and vulnerabilities into business risks that executives care about. A review of the weaknesses of traditional technology risk assessment methodologies is offered and an introduction to Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is covered. Example risk reporting to the board is also included.

Bio: Dr. Jack Freund is a leading voice in cyber risk measurement and management. He is an expert at using risk quantification to collaborate, mature, and sell information risk and security programs. Jack is currently serving as Director, Risk Science at RiskLens and previously worked for TIAA as Director, Cyber Risk. Jack holds a PhD in Information Systems and has been named an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy. Jack’s book on quantifying risk (Measuring and Managing Information Risk: A FAIR Approach) was inducted into the Cybersecurity Canon in 2016. Jack’s writings have appeared in the ISSA Journal and he currently writes a column for the @ISACA newsletter.