Behind The Black Hoodie – Ethical Hacker Career Choices and Employment

Abstract: There are a lot of stereotype’s about an Ethical Hackers, and most of them are based on perceived appearance. This talk will focus on the less discussed attributes, specifically what motivates individuals to engage in penetration testing, bug bounties or capture the flag (CTF’s) activities . All three engagement types have similarities, yet the individual may have very different career choices or career specifics that are important to them. The discussion is for all levels from students interested in these fields, those looking to expand into another disciplines or an employer looking to hire for your infosec team. Understanding skill set, discipline, outcome and rule of engagement differences is very important, and can help prepare you to choose the right path, or hire an individual with the right blend of skills for your team.

Bio: David is the founder and managing partner of Ethical Intruder. For the past 10 years David has been building Ethical Hacker teams and has seen the skill sets, motivations, and attributes that lead to a successful career in vulnerability hunting and penetration testing. Through David’s leadership, Ethical Intruder has been a Pittsburgh Tech Council Tech 50 nominee for the past three years, and in 2019 David is also being nominated by the council for CEO of The Year. David has been an instructor for online cyber security training’s and also participates as a local college board member for cyber security.