Always Connected, Always a Threat

Abstract: The exponential growth of mobile device technology in our ever connected world makes mobile device security as a top priority to the modern enterprise.As more and more companies integrate mobile technology into daily operations, these devices become a more lucrative target for attacks due to businesses’ expectation of constant employee connectivity and the sensitive data the employees must save and transmit.Many of today’s mobile devices handle as much data as traditional PCs, often with cross-platform ecosystems built to seamlessly integrate phone, tablet, and PC.This integration is reflected in many of the malware threats seen targeting mobile users.However, there are a growing number of threats unique to mobile devices, such as SS7 manipulation, rogue applications, data leakage, and eavesdropping techniques, which may be overlooked in the development of security policies and implementation of safeguards. The compromise of mobile devices provides an attacker with a unique dataset for advanced exploitation and targeting, including the disclosure of locations and travel patterns, personal and business communications, social media credentials, and financial information.Staying abreast of current mobile device threats and implications of mobile data exploitation is essential to the function of today’s threat intelligence mission.This presentation, by two security professionals with signals intercept and dark web intelligence backgrounds, will separate the vendor-hype from the real threats, current and emerging, to your phones and your data.

Bios: Raymond Richards is a Security Analyst on the Technical Intelligence Operations team, under the Security Intelligence Group of PNC’s CSO. Ray provides tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence products in support of the overarching security mission. Ray has a focus on Dark Web and Middle Eastern threats, stemming from his extensive experience on both fronts. Ray worked as a Dark Web intelligence officer with both government and private sector entities, and served with distinction as a United States Marine, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant and becoming Subject Matter Expert in the exploitation of Iraqi Arabic for the USMC. Ray is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland University College.

Eric currently works for PNC Financial Services Group as the Lead for Physical Security Intelligence where he supports the Executive Protection Program, branch security, and the security of other PNC assets. Eric joined the United States Marine Corps after high school where he served 10 years, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant. While serving, Eric worked missions as an Arabic linguist, Signals Intelligence Analyst, Collections Manager, as well as multiple leadership positions while deployed and back in the United States. Following his time in the Marine Corps, Eric worked for a Dark Web intelligence company in Pittsburgh. Eric holds an undergraduate degree in Cybersecurity with a minor in terrorism and critical infrastructure.